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Unicorns Talk is a weekly podcast where we discuss the ups and downs of the human experience. From person growth to romantic relationships and everything in between. This show is for life livers, life lovers, and life enhancers.

My name is Latrice Sampson Richards, your life enhancement coach, and together we will laugh, love, and learn to maneuver all of life’s little messes.

Dec 28, 2017

Latrice talks about New Year's resolutions and gives some real life insights on why most of us fail to stick with them.  She also give 3 tips to help you be more successful at making change in the new year.  Finally, she gives her High5 shout outs and some info on upcoming events.


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Dec 13, 2017

Latrice talks about how the lack of self-trust can hinder your ability to manifest your vision. Also, 3 tips to jumpstart your healing.  Today's High-5 goes to the state of Alabama and she has some choice words for all of those Simone Biles hair haters.  Latrice also shares long awaited details on her masterclass,...

Dec 6, 2017

This week I'm having a Conversation With a Unicorn (CWU).  I finally got a chance to sit down with Black. Married. Fly.'s Candace DeNae and discuss her journey into the podcasting world, ups and downs of life, and her vision for 2018.  Plus, this week's High 5 goes to the 2017 BET Soul Train Awards Soul Cypher and I'm...